Check out the new Lovecraft-inspired sci-fi horror movie: Black Wake

The director of Black Wake was inspired by the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft.

Black Wake is another science fiction thriller that is coordinated by Jeremiah Kipp and circulated by Vision Films. It's about experts who accumulate in a best mystery office to research a progression of odd passings on shorelines along the Atlantic Ocean. One of the group's researchers gradually discovers that the genuine risk might be more perilous and far more seasoned than anybody would ever envision.

Nana Gouvea, Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, Jonny Beauchamp, Vincent Pastore, and Chuck Zito star in the discovered film motion picture. The producers are Carlos Keyes and David Gere.

The story started from a medium/short content by Jerry Janda and Keyes and Kipp co-composed augmentations to grow the story to a full length motion picture.


Black Wake’s accolades include winning the Best Horror Feature at the 2018 Philip K Dick Science Fiction Film Festival, special jury prize at the 2018 Brazil International Film Festival, and part of the official selection at the 2018 HorrorHound Film Fest.


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